Annual gas safety checks for rented properties

Landlords are legally required to ensure that the gas appliances in their rented properties are well-maintained. This includes having them checked once a year by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Finding a suitable time for the checks to take place can be tricky when there are lots of people involved. Our team are here to make booking your annual gas safety check straightforward. 

What does a gas safety check involve?

An annual gas safety check ensures all gas appliances, flues, chimneys, and pipework are in safe working order. It includes your cooker, gas boiler, water heaters, and fire. As part of the check, our registered Gas Safe engineers will ensure everything works as it should and poses no risks to your tenants.

Your tenants are responsible for checking their own gas appliances, but you must ensure that any pipework and flues attached to them are safe to use.

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Gas safety certificate cost

Understandably, you want to know how much an annual gas safety check will set you back. Your tenants’ health and safety is a priority, but you’ve got to budget for the year ahead.

The cost of a gas safety certificate comes down to how much work is involved. The size of your property and the number – and type – of gas appliances will determine how much you pay.

Rest assured that our quotes include a detailed breakdown of what’s involved so you know exactly how much your gas safety certificate will cost.

Boiler service and gas safety certificate

By law, you must service the boiler in your rented property every twelve months – this is different from an annual gas safety check. A boiler service concentrates on your boiler and heating system, inspecting it for faults.

Regular boiler servicing keeps your system running efficiently for cheaper bills and fewer carbon emissions. It’s an effective way of identifying minor issues before they become expensive problems and can prolong the life of your boiler.   

Did you know that our boiler cover packages include an annual boiler service as standard? Cover starts from as little as £8 per month.

FAQs on annual gas safety checks 

We’re here to help you look after the gas appliances and pipework in your rented properties. If you can’t find the answers to your questions in our FAQ section, contact our friendly team by phone or email.

What is a gas safety certificate?

A gas safety certificate is another name for the landlord gas safety record (LGSR) required by law for rented properties in the UK.

Your engineer will give you a copy of the certificate when they’ve finished carrying out the annual checks on your rented property.

Do I need a gas safety certificate?

Landlords are legally required to have the gas appliances in their rented properties checked annually by a registered Gas Safe engineer. It applies to public and private landlords, including holiday accommodation lettings.

You may be liable for prosecution under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 (GSIUR) if you don’t have an up-to-date gas safety certificate.

How long does a gas safety certificate last?

A landlord gas safety certificate lasts for 12 months from the date of issue. You must give your tenant a copy of the certificate before they move in or within 28 days of it being issued.

Does a gas safety check involve radiators?

Yes, a gas safety check includes radiators.

Your gas engineer will carry out a visual inspection of your whole heating system.

It also includes a check of your gas boiler, flue and other gas appliances, including your gas hob or fire.

How long does a gas safety check take?

The size of your property and the number of gas appliances you have will determine how long your gas safety check takes. You should aim for around 30 to 60 minutes, but it may take longer if urgent repairs are required.

What is a CP12 certficate?

A CP12 certificate is another name for a landlord gas safety record (LGSR), also called a landlord gas safety certificate or LGSR certificate.

It’s a report of the inspection carried out by a Gas Safe engineer as part of the annual gas safety check.

How much does a gas safety check cost?

The cost of a gas safety certificate varies based on the specific requirements.

It takes into account factors like the size of your property and the number and types of gas appliances you have, which determine the overall expense involved.

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