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Wanting to upgrade your home? Use smart controls to control your heating wherever you are! Our engineers install a range of smart products to suit your needs.

Ever fancied turning the heating on while out of the house? Or didn’t want to leave then bed until the room’s nice and toasty? Smart controls connect your heating system to the internet allowing you to change the temperature or switch off your heating on your smartphone or other devices. This can be done whether you are in your own home or out and about, provided you have internet, you could even be up a mountain!

The SMART stands for “Self-Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology”. Smart controlled heating offers an advantage over the basic boiler thermostat. A basic boiler thermostat only provides small offerings such as switching on and off, timer settings and some rudimentary temperature control. A Smart heating system adds to this allowing you to manage every minute of your home’s heating schedule all through your phone or electronic device. 

Depending on the smart thermostat you choose, there are some potential added features including multi-room control, hot water control, ‘geofencing’ to track when you leave and enter your home, draught detection, safety and holiday modes to protect your pipes when you’re not there, and provide feedback on your heating patterns.

At Arton Heating, we are experienced Google Nest, Honeywell and Hive Installers along with a variety of other smart controls, happy to provide our service.

Hive Smart Controls

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