Do I need a magnetic filter on my boiler? 

Your boiler is a workhorse, providing central heating and hot water for your home. But if, for some reason, it fails, you risk being left in the cold.

A build-up of ‘sludge’ in the system can be catastrophic for your boiler and cost you a fortune in boiler repairs. It’s a common fault, but there are things you can do to protect your heating system. 

In this blog, we look at magnetic boiler filters and consider whether it’s really worth having one. 

What is a magnetic filter on a boiler? 

A magnetic boiler filter is designed to collect debris from the water in your central heating system so it doesn’t build up and cause a blockage.   

Over time, metal flecks – the result of rust and corrosion – collect in the water. When this mixes with other debris, it can form a sludge-like substance capable of causing a blockage.

A magnetic filter attracts the metal particles and removes them from the water. 

Do I need a boiler filter? 

Without a water filter for your boiler removing the debris in your central heating system, there’s an increased chance of sludge building up and causing a blockage. At worst, this could cause your boiler to break completely.

Even before it reaches this stage, too much debris in the water flowing through your pipes can slow down the whole system, making it inefficient and costing you more in energy bills.   

Signs that your boiler may need a water filter fitted include: 

  • Excessive noises coming from your system (gurgling and banging)
  • Difficulty getting your central heating or hot water up to temperature 
  • Cold spots on your radiators (particularly at the top) 
  • Cloudy water from the taps 
  • Boiler shuts down regularly, and noticeable leaks   

The longer you leave the problem, the worse it’s likely to get. If you’re unsure whether you have a problem with sludge, ask a Gas Safe registered engineer to take a look at your boiler.

How can I get a magnetic filter installed on my boiler? 

Most boilers are fitted with a filter when they are first installed. In 2022, part L of the Building Regulations (the bit that deals with home heating) was updated to include boiler filters.

It’s now a requirement to fit a magnetic filter when a new boiler is installed.  

Though more common on new boilers, in some cases, it’s possible to retrofit a boiler with a filter. It all depends on where your boiler is installed and how much space there is behind it. 

Where to fit a magnetic filter

The filter fits on the return pipe (the bit that brings water back into the boiler). It involves cutting away a portion of the pipe to fit the filter – this is a job for a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Gas engineer preparing for work installing a new boiler

How do I clean my boiler filter?

Your boiler filter must be cleaned regularly to empty it of the debris that it has collected. 

This is usually included as part of your annual boiler service. There’s no need for you to do anything between services unless you think there may be a problem with the filter and you need an expert opinion.

A magnetic boiler filter is not something that you can take out and clean yourself. This is a job for a professional heating engineer.  

Are boiler filters worth it? 

Fitting a magnetic filter to your boiler reduces the likelihood of a blockage occurring, which can lead to expensive repair bills – and, potentially, the complete failure of your system. 

By getting rid of some of the debris flowing through the water in your central heating system, you can ensure your boiler is working at optimum efficiency.

This comes with several benefits.

  • Extends the life of your boiler 
  • Reduces your energy bill and cuts carbon emissions 
  • Minimises repair bills

What’s more, manufacturers like Worcester Bosch and Valiant offer an extended warranty on their boilers when they have a water filter installed.   

FAQs for boiler filters on Worcester Bosch boilers 

Arton Heating is an approved installer of Worcester Bosch boilers, so we’re ideally placed to answer your questions on this brand of boilers.

In this section, we look at some of your FAQs on boiler filters for Worcester Bosch boilers

Do I need a filter with a Worcester Bosch boiler? 

All makes and models of boilers – even new ones – will benefit from having a boiler filter. It makes sense to protect your boiler from day one before debris has had time to build up and cause a problem. 

As of 2022, every new boiler installation should include a magnetic filter as standard. 

How to clean the filter on a Worcester boiler  

You can’t remove a magnetic boiler filter and clean it yourself as you might with the filters on your other home appliances.

It’s typically included in your boiler’s annual service, which should be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer. 

Cost of Worcester Bosch boiler filter 

Magnetic boiler filters cost somewhere between £50 to £200. Worcester Bosch sells its own brand of boiler filters specifically for its Greenstar range of boilers.

For a quote to have a Worcester Bosch filter fitted, contact your local plumbing and heating company.  

Can I use any filter on my Worcester boiler? 

Whether you’re getting a new boiler installed or having a filter fitted to your old one, your heating engineer will be able to advise you on the correct filter for your boiler.

Worcester Bosch has a line of filters designed to fit its boilers, including those specifically made to serve its Greenstar range (its flagship boiler range). 

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August 2, 2023


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